Tuesday, March 20, 2007

New Blog for Freight Brokers

Welcome to Brooke Transportation Training Solutions’ blog. It has been our privilege to freight broker and train others to succeed as freight brokers for the last few decades. In our blog we’ll post articles of interest to freight brokers, entrepreneurs, work from home professionals and transportation specialists.

From Real Home Business March 19, 2007
105 Service Businesses to Start Today

By Loo(Loo)

Freight Brokerage
One sack of flour for a dozen eggs . . . Gone are the days of such no-frills, local trade. In their place: a sophisticated global commerce system requiring a thorough knowledge of land, sea, air and rail shipping rates and regulations. Knowledgeable freight brokers are indispensable to this burgeoning scene.

A Freight Broker is skilled in matching goods needing to be transported with the transporters. They are the middle man between the guy with the goods and the guy with the vehicle that can get those goods where they need to go. This is an in demand vocation because products are always needing to be moved from one place to another. A Freight Broker can work anywhere they have access to a phone, fax, and a computer with internet.

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