Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stretch Your Brain Muscle

We should never stop learning… never stop stretching our brains. Online education is a great way to learn something new, add depth to the knowledge of your chosen field or blaze a new path. After nearly a decade of training people to be freight brokers we realized our reach was limited by offering only live courses in select locations. Because people all over the country desire training to start a whole new career we teamed up with Gatlin Education to produce our online freight broker training course. Gatlin is the largest provider of online education in the country. I have been amazed at Gatlin’s expertise in developing courses that are truly life changing, online. Students love the ability to learn anywhere, at their own pace.

Our website justintimefreight.com is a portal to the Freight Broker Training Course as well as thousands of other courses. Gatlin’s other top courses are bookkeeping, project management, AutoCAD, Medical transcription, Administrative Medical Specialist, Medical Transcription, Paralegal, Pharmacy Technician, Medical billing and coding.
Five of the ten are in the medical field. As the baby boomers continue to age medical professionals will be in high demand. Goods will always need to be transported from one part of the country to another,so freight brokers have job security as well. Every business needs a bookkeeper. Paralegals are needed in all the country’s courts.

What interests you? Take some time to dream about a life change. Then browse through the course listings at www.justintimefreight.com.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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