Thursday, March 27, 2008

Its Never to Late to Get Started

One of the greatest rewards of training is students who become friends. I heard recently from a graduate from last summer’s June class. His words should encourage any student out there who has not yet lived up to his expectation as a freight broker. I suggest making a game plan of your prospecting as he has with

“As is true with a lot of people that go through your training, I had the best intentions of getting started right away in this business. Unfortunately, because of a number of factors, including, but not at all limited to: starting another business, driving graveyard full time for Ryder, and several serious, and I might add, completely unexpected medical issues, I wasn't able to follow through at that time.
Well, I am happy to say I was finally able to resign my position as a driver for Ryder and am currently working on a couple of other business projects, in addition to working with I am going through their database of manufacturers that have used their services in the past, or still are today. Although the list isn't as long as I hoped, around 300, it still gives me some "warm" call opportunities to find some prospects, that will hopefully also be potential customers at some point. I have a button on their website as their exclusive point of contact for anyone who needs help with expedited freight. Jan (Roach) said it was good I was on there, something about being optimized, having that internet "real estate."

The internet has opened up a lot of avenues for prospecting but remember it is still about making relationships. Find an avenue and stay with it. I’d love to hear from any other graduates out there who are tasting success.
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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9. Eating lunch while working
A certain level of professionalism is required in any position. Peanut butter encrusted envelopes or conversations with a mouth full of chips will not bode well for you. Using common sense to follow general etiquette and businesses rules will make a good impression on customers.
Mary A. Naylor, a 20-year veteran of the concierge services industry, is founder and CEO of VIPdesk, a leading provider of premium virtual contact center solutions serving Fortune 500 clients and their collective 10 million customers.

I make exceptions to many of these thoughts. Heck as long as I get my goal accomplished for each day I go ahead and enjoy the perks of working from my home. The idea is to wholly dedicate the part of the day you have determined as “work time” to professionally presenting yourself on all fronts. You will get hired to book a load when and only when the shipper knows without a shadow of a doubt that you will deliver on your promises. I encourage you to not just deliver but go above and beyond expectations…that is how you make customers for life, and sleep well at night.
Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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