Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Gotta Have Goals

Goals - we talk about them... and we think they are good to have... but how do you really set goals and achieve them?

I define a goal as a dream with a deadline. Always write your goals down, set a deadline date then do something every day to achieve those goals.

Does the goal seem too big? If you’ve been to one of my classes you’ve heard me say - "how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

Make a list. Your dream list. Write everything you can think of that you want to have or that you want to be. What would you do if you had six months to live? Next Consider what would you be doing if money were not an issue?

Make sure your list is in line with your values. Cross off the things on your lists that are not realistic. For example, I would like to have a helicopter but I am afraid that my neighbors would not like it so I crossed that one off.

Remember you’re the only one that can make you happy so this has to be your list. Not a list to impress anyone else. Most people buy stuff they don't need with money they don't have to impress people
they don't like...don't do that.

Think of where you want to be in the next 5-10-20 years. If you’re 46 like me then the next five years is important because I have 3 girls which means 3 colleges and 3 weddings -yikes.

Think about where you want to live and with whom and what you would like to be doing. Imagine you’re funeral and think of what they will be saying about you. Who will be there? What will be your legacy?

Go over your dream list and narrow it down again considering these other aspects. You should now have a fairly good list of goals that are in line with your values.

Ask yourself what obstacles need to be removed to achieve these goals. What can I do every day to achieve my long-range goals?

Use other sources to establish goals. I recently looked through one of my books on the Internet that I bought six years ago. I wrote down some specific goals for my companies that I got from the book. This blog was one of them. I can't tell you how important it is to write down your goals.

Write down goals for every area of your life - physical, spiritual, family, friends, financial, career, community.

If you just have one major goal for each area of your life and do something every day to reach those goals you will be amazed at what you can do in your life.

We are built to achieve. God made you unique - you have your own gifts and talents - but you must decide to use them and if you do then the sky's the limit...

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

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