Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Online is Fine

Yesterday I blogged the testimonials from July's live class. I got this kind email from an online student I thought I'd share with my blog readers today. It is rewarding to hear from students that they benefit from a class I facilitate. I was certainly not the most accomplished student in my formal education years so to know that I'm a good teacher is truly miraculous. God is good.

"When I thought of an online course my first thought was that it will never be as good as a live class, until I decided to become a freight broker. I looked through a lot of online courses and thought this one was worth the price. I finally took the Gatlin Freight Broker course. I couldn’t have picked a better way to invest my money. It’s not only the course itself, but Jeff Roach is also the best instructor that I've had.

The way he teaches is incredible. There is no way that the material can not be understood. It is like having a live class in your home. The course covers every detail and I've never had a doubt or question after each module. The narrative learning course is fantastic, and my favorite part is the fact that I only have to listen. I highly recommend the course for those who want to understand the Freight Broker Industry."
J.V. Spring 2007

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

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