Friday, November 21, 2008

A Little Thanks would be Nice

I just finished reading my Friday story of the day on Zig Ziglar’s daily quote. The author reminded me to appreciate my blessings. Lately because of our economic turmoil, job loss reports, new presidency transition and bad news press it is hard to stay in a thankful spot. Read a little of David Leonhardt’s insight.

Consider how much we have. More than any of our ancestors, we live in the Land of Plenty. We have more than anybody who has lived at any time before. And for those of us who live in the developed world, we have more than most people on our little planet have even today.

I'm not just talking about our abundance of "stuff”. We throw out more "junk" than we ever could find a use for in the first place.
But we have so much more than just 'stuff'. Consider the following:

FREEDOM AND CHOICE: More of the world lives in a democracy than ever before, and democracy is becoming more open or "democratic" with every year (perhaps in part due to the Internet).

OPPORTUNITIES: With freedom and affluence comes opportunity. We have more opportunity to make money, to earn it the way we wish, to choose our careers, our location, even our lifestyle.

KNOWLEDGE AND EDUCATION: Even the dumbest among us has more knowledge than most people who lived a couple centuries ago. (I said more "knowledge", not more "wisdom", but that's another topic.)

HEALTH: Just surviving past childhood used to be a major success. Now we expect to live comfortably into our 80s or 90s. And we expect - no, we demand - to have exceptional health care all along the way (even those who are afraid to go to the doctor!).

This list could keep growing.

Whatever you have, you can either appreciate or not.

Sadly, we who are drowning in luxuries can't seem to find the time to appreciate what we have ... but we still make time to whine and complain.

The secret to feeling the appreciation is in expressing our gratitude vocally or in writing.


David Leonhardt is author of a self-help happiness book. He also runs a Liquid Vitamins Store and serves as a SEO/SEM website marketing consultant

To read all of David’s story go to

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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