Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Votes are Counted

I cast my vote and thus was a part of a nationwide effort. Even when the vote doesn't go our way we need to recognize the priviledge to be able to make our choice known. Now that voting is over we must let go of our animosity and work together to be the great united nation the world admires. Obama truly does represent the freedom we have in America to pursue our dreams and to overcome great odds.

I found this on Family Research Council. It was written yesterday.

After 22 months of non-stop election coverage and oftentimes bitter debate, the American people are tired. The lines to vote are long, the polls seem lopsided, and the Left is already counting values voters out. So, why bother? In the words of one Iraqi woman, who had waited her entire life for the opportunity, "We are voting for our country." This newcomer to democracy summed up more about our freedom in that one sentence than many of us could after exercising it our whole lives. Today, the American people are not voting for any one man; we're voting to preserve the moral fiber of our nation, for U.S. soldiers on the battlefield, for the persecuted church in faraway lands, for millions of unborn children, and for the memory of the men and women who died so that our ballots might count. "Always vote for principle," John Quincy Adams said, "though you may vote alone...cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

No matter what the outcome or who prevails, God is still on His throne. He gave us this liberty, not that we might sit idly by, but so that His church would speak the truth. The Lord granted us our freedom to make a difference-it's our responsibility to exercise it.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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