Monday, November 10, 2008

No Sick Days

I remember training a disabled veteran to be a freight broker. I told him that this is a serious business and requires major discipline to get your business off the ground. "Working from home on the computer all day is not easy", I said. I tell it like it is.

He looked me square in the eyes and said, "you don't get sick days in the military Jeff". I said, “ Yes sir. I am sure you don't.”

Discipline and integrity are not just words to some people. I find the most respectful, humble, hard workers to be disabled. They have already endured more than most. Those things we endure squeeze out the real in us. When life is easy we can hide our true character. But when the going gets tough you start to see what people are truly made of.

I’m honored that my school is approved as a training school for these brave young men and women. Come to school with the best.

Our School number: S2133

Disabled Vets, contact your counselor to see if you qualify and give them our school number then please ask your counselor to contact Janis Roach at (817) 999-5398 to confirm if you qualify. This is the same process for all applicants wanting financial aid with either the Department of Rehabilitation Services,DARS, or through the Veterans Affairs Administration.

If you call me I’m not going to be a slick salesman just trying to get you to send me money. I’ll challenge you to search yourself to see if you have the stamina to push through to the profit stage in this business. You truly can make a lot of money as a broker. You determine your own financial future. In an unsure economy I like having the most control over my bottom line. Once you start finding loads and truckers to move those loads you are invigorated to go for more.

This is a great work from home based business; however, it takes 3-6 Months to get your business rolling so save at least 6 Months in living expenses prior to taking the course. Everyone will get placed with a broker as an agent if you want or you will have the knowledge to open your own brokerage and recruit agents.

Jeff Roach

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