Monday, January 12, 2009

Don't Get Distracted

I've been away from my blog regularily for awhile and missed it. It is healthy for me to write out my thoughts. It helps me think clearer. And readers have told me they benefit from it as well, go figure. So I'm making a resolution this January 12th to get back to some regular blogging. Sometimes I'll get distracted from the big picture of my business as well. I easily get caught up in the urgent calls needing to be returned, paperwork to file, etc. etc. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

I was honored to be asked to consult with Tango Transportation recently. I found I really enjoy consulting. I have learned I actually can assist others in seeing their big picture. I can come in as a third party and see areas of the business that could run more efficiently. When you are in the day to day it is very hard to see the big picture. I'm not shy, so I don't mind bluntly pointing out what can be improved.

Tango had done an analysis and found they could make a lot more money through their brokerage division. I traveled to their headquarters and spent a week watching, advising and helping implement some new ideas. I pointed them to some technology tools that streamlined some processes tremendously. My partner Brian Flannigan helped with some great sales training. They sent me a very nice email:

"Tango Transport wanted to increase revenue that was being generated through our brokerage division. We hired Jeff Roach with Brooke Transportation Training Solutions to come in and evaluate our current systems and processes. In addition we asked that he provide sales training to our people involved in both inside and outside sales. We were very pleased with the results of both. His thorough understanding of what it takes to be competitive in today's tough economic environment, as well as systems and procedures that streamline the brokerage process has produced immediate results. The sales training was not the standard sales "go get-em" training, but was training that gave practical solutions to todays challenges.

I would highly recommend Jeff and Brooke Transportation Training to any company wanting to improve their brokerage and sales results."

Joe C. Gabbard
VP of Capacity Development
Office: 318-683-6688
Cell: 318-402-9890

So if you have gotten distracted by the urgent give me a call (214-206-1169)to see if you think a little consult would benefit your bottom line.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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