Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Enthused for the future

We just finished another great class in Dallas. Next week we’ll be in Jacksonville Florida for our live Freight Broker Training. The uncertainly of the economy is making everyone a bit on edge. My brother in law works for a large oil company (I won’t be naming names). They had pages of job openings on their website when the boss called for a hiring freeze. What that tells me is there is plenty of work to be done but a lot of companies are not hiring. It may be a tough time to find a job but sooner or later the work will have to be done. Those who are trained and ready will get the work that are waiting for confidence in our economy to return. When companies are getting skittish it is a good time to be your own boss. Our students aren’t nervous about the future. They are excited about the possibilities.
Here is what a few of last week’s graduates said about their experience in our class:

Lots and Lots of information! Brandi (the instructor) was very thorough, very encouraging and high energy! I'm coming out of this feeling encouraged & high energy & hopeful for the future. - Joel Jenkins

I liked the class. I felt like I got a lot of one on one time with the instructor.
-M. Rodriguez

So much information, I’d like an extra two days. The information was great! True to the industry. Brandi has a great wealth of knowledge! -Travis Gilton

Call us for a week of inspiration, encouragement and skills training. No matter the economy truckers keep our country moving.
Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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