Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Top 2009 Jobs

Just read on AOL articles on the top 25 jobs for 2009. Freight Broker comes in at #19 with a higher income at $54,000 than most of the other 24 jobs.
So jump on in. Give us a call we can get you trained to succeed in this top vocation for this year. Freight brokers who work hard earn well. Freight Brokers are the middlemen finding trucks to move goods. There will always be a need for freight brokers who are honest, hard working and creative. There may be a slow down in certain industries like automobiles for instance. But if people put off buying a new car, they will need to repair their old car, so car parts sales will go up. Thus freight brokers will be needed to move car parts. With the graying of the baby boomers, healthcare equipment, prescriptions and first aid supplies are in higher demand. Freight brokers can help get those needed supplies shipped from the manufacturers to the medical centers. As families cut back on eating out they will increase their grocery shopping. I know I’m not going to totally cut out eating anytime this lifetime. The freight broker needs to get food distributed.

Perhaps as a freight broker you become specialized in alternative fuel industries. Learn about wind energy so you can talk intelligently with the manufacturer of wind energy turbines. Round up some truckers equipped to move solar panels then offer your services to get the panels to their users.

These are just a few examples of the on going, recession proof need for freight brokers. It is an exciting fast paced job that fits right in with who I am. Give me a call if you are even considering this field. I’m real honest, I don’t sugar coat. I tell you the commitment and the rewards.

If any of the other 24 jobs on the hot jobs list for 2009 seem more your style search our list of courses on justintimefreight.com (enter then click e-learning center). There are thousands of courses to choose from.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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