Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Do you like or dislike interruptions? In general I’d say most of us would say we don’t like interruptions. But think about it… have you ever been stuck with a long-winded blow hard at a party or on the phone…you welcome an interruption, an excuse to excuse yourself from the conversation that you just are not enjoying.

When you make a sales call you are an interruption. But be a good interruption. A welcome interruption. A bright spot in a hectic day. That may not always be possible but being positive not pushy goes along way in developing a relationship. Think of all the people in business and in your social network that have sold you something. Which ones do you welcome back to talk with? Which ones do you avoid? I enjoy conversation with most of my clients because I have a genuine interest in their business. I know if I do a good job for them and take a burden off their shoulders, we both win. And they are much more likely to call me again when they need a broker.

Statistically, in conversation we are not very good listeners. We are just waiting for a time to interrupt so we can talk. Or we tune out and think of something else. Some people are intriguing to listen to, others exasperating. What makes the difference between interesting conversation and uninteresting conversation? Work on being an interesting conversationalist by being relevant and personal. Work on being a good listener by truly hearing what the other is saying. Repeat back what you think you heard they said in your own words. Repeating shows them you truly are trying to understand what they need and were listening intently.

I’m ADD so staying in tune can be a challenge for me. I purpose today to listen more intently to my students, to my clients and to my wife and girls.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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