Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Is Freight Brokering easy Money?

Whenever I talk with a freight broker wanna be, thinking about being or freight broker student I am very upfront about what it takes to be a freight broker. It is a career with huge potential earnings. But only for those who are willing to train, be diligent and responsible. I tell potential students to get 6 months worth of living expenses saved up before starting this career. You might get lucky and land an account during training (some have) but realistically it takes some time to find a shipper needing you to get their load moved. We teach you how to find leads, talk to those leads and work the shipment once you are given the chance.

I found this article in hubpages I found quite to the point. Here’s part of it. Click over to the link to read the whole article and comment if you desire.

What if I could guarantee you a new career as a truck broker or a freight broker agent in two weeks making good money, would you believe it?

An Exploration of Freight Broker and Truck Broker Agent Careers

For those considering a lucrative career as a Truck Broker or a Freight Broker Agent there are a whole slew of Learn How's, Become A, or Work from home courses and training materials that promise a rewarding career, quickly and easily.

Don't, good things take time, focused effort and a measure of initiative? Take these promises with a grain of salt before shelling out the money for these sorts of training courses and know these key elements before you quit your day job.

* Know that unless you are in the industry, have contacts, money backing and a whole host of other elements you might find it difficult to hit the ground running making the kind of money you expect.
* If you are new to the career you will need to budget time and resources, (money), to not only run your business if you choose to be a broker vs. an agent as well as to cover your living expenses.

* That the job market for new broker agents with no experience (no client book or related experience/ clients) is difficult as many established good reputation 3PL's are looking for experienced freight broker agents with client following as these positions are commission based and have the greatest earning potential.

* New brokers with no experience in industry, starting a new brokerage need to be aware of costs, licensing requirements and the time involved. To start it would be wise to start with shipper clients in place, financial backing for what is required of a full blown brokerage and enough liquid funds on hand to sustain you for a reasonable time until your business generates billings & cash flow that can meet your business and personal expenses.

So again nothing good comes easy, it takes work, knowledge and understanding to succeed, but there is money in them there hills you just have to walk before you can run.

Topic Focus: We are going to address working as a freight broker agent but we will touch on some of the aspects of being a broker. We will give you some reasonable explanations of what the responsibilities are for a broker or broker agent and what to watch out for when choosing to work either directly, open your own freight logistics brokerage or being an independent broker agent under the umbrella of a 3PL (Third Party Logistics) in the following sections of this article

You might already be on your way to being a broker or broker agent!

If you are currently in the field as a truck driver, shipping agent or dispatch agent or are a "truck broker" working as a base salary plus commission employee and want to earn more while not having the responsibilities of being a broker, you already have the basic tools to work with a established, good credit 3PL as a Freight Broker Agent to achieve in many cases greater growth and income potential. For those who are broker agents with good resources, client list and can handle all the administrative, legal and other elements required you are also in a good position as well to take the next step and have your own 3PL or freight/truck broker business.

Is the freight broker agent job or transportation logistics industry saturated?

In the United States alone we experience a net gain of one person every 13 seconds. Wow, this is incredible when you consider today at the time of this writing the U.S. Population Clock projects 303,431,751 people inside the U.S. With this kind of growth the according to PEW Research Center we are projected to have over 438 million people within our borders by the year 2050. With the additional population and their demand for goods we add a greater burden to our logistics requirements to get those goods to market in a cost effective and efficient manner.

If you read this and are interested in the field. Click on over to our website, give me a call or email. I love to chat, I shoot straight and I usually have a funny story or two to tell.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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