Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Freight Broker’s First Year

One of Brooke Training’s graduates told me of her first year journey in this fast paced life in the transportation Industry. Here’s her story, can you relate?

“Brooke is a wonderful place to start your career as a Freight Agent!!! I took Brooke Transportation Training Course a year ago then became an agent for a broker who came to class on Friday to recruit. The class was great preparation. I refer to my manual often. The broker and the trainers at Brooke really want me to succeed! I am making some money now and every day gets better.

Considering this career field? Here are my tips… be organized! Be dedicated! Be patient! Make and keep goals. Building relationships with the people takes time and attention. Keep track of whom you talked to and everything said. I write down things like: “talked to Jennifer, helped her figure out how to make a kitten costume for her daughter”. Then when I call her back I remember to ask how the costume turned out.

I’m building bridges to people. I LOVE IT!!! I am a social person, not a salesperson. Talking to people is such a blast! I make a game out of making at least 50 calls a day. I don’t take what they say personally. Some days are tough but know that you can do it. Put notes to yourself around the desk that uplift and encourage you and have a broker that will help you through the rough days!

Don’t go into this thinking you’ll get rich quick or you will get discouraged fast! Plan on not getting a check for 3 – 6 months. If you make it earlier that is frosting on the cake. Be patient and enjoy the ride!”

If you are considering going thru the Brooke Training and have some questions, feel free to call me. I will answer any questions you have, without any pressure! I will let you know if I think you will succeed. Because I truly want to better the industry, one broker at a time, by helping those suited for this business succeed with integrity. Good Luck!

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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