Monday, March 30, 2009

Recent Graduates

Last week we finished up our monthly live Freight Broker Training classes. I can’t wait to see the success each graduate experiences.

Ron and Suzy Moore taught our course in Ontario, California and Brandi headed up the instruction in our Dallas/Fort Worth class. Wishing all our graduates much success. Call us anytime with questions or to celebrate your latest load. Here's what they said about the week long course-

From Ontario:
Ron and Susie, thanks for all of the wisdom and extra effort you both put in to convey all of your knowledge and experiences. This class was not only enlightening, it left us all with great usable information. - Floyd Willis
Thank you for your expertise, knowledge and time. It was a pleasure to meet you and learn the freight brokerage business from Ron and Susie. I am sure I will become a successful agent with the information you presented. - James Binford
From Dallas/Fort Worth

Very energetic, motivational and influential. A very great experience. Highly recommend Brandi.
- Daphne Jones

I found the class to be very informational and allot of fun. The experience was wonderful and has helped me to be prepared for my new career.
- Oscar Ramos

The instructor took you from the "cradle to lave" process of the business with advice on the pros and cons of several aspects of the business. The actual working of leads helped and provide me confidence for real time issues not just simulations. Great positive and helpful attitude of the instructor.
- David Hlavenka

Clear explanation of every aspect of the business. The hands on work of qualifying leads and cold calling clients was of inestimable value.. Brandi is an absolute amazing teacher. Her passion for the subject was very evident.¬
- Ivan Lowe

Does this Sound like a learning opportunity that you would enjoy. Join us next month. Full class schedule is on our website.

Moving forward,
Jeff Roach

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