Friday, March 27, 2009

My Wife's Vibrant Life

My brilliant and very resourceful wife received her Bachelor of Science from Baylor University in Geology. So she went out and was a geologist for some years (a very cute geologist, I might add). But over time, looking at rocks and charts in an office became too confining since she is a very social being. So she started a chain of amazing Christmas stores with a few friends. They did a lot of high end home decorating and creation of glitzy trees and arrangements. That led to her desire to expand to interior decorating. So she stays busy helping families create a warm, attractive home suitable to their lifestyle.

As if that isn’t enough she pretty much runs my training school as well. She teaches a couple of days a month in the live class. She took a year to write our online course (while recooperating from a back injury). As a facilitator of the online course we stay available to answer any questions the students have as they are learning in their pajamas.

My wife is a great example of a creative, successful business woman. She is multi-talented and uses all those talents to thrive and encourage others.

In a shaky economy you can panic or you can look for opportunity. I think now is a great time to learn something new. The more you know, the more diversified your opportunity. Don’t box yourself in. Most people say they are math and science minded OR creative and language arts minded. My wife is proof you can succeed in both if you expand your mind.

Browse through the thousands of courses available through (our online course listing) and find something that interests you, even if it has nothing to do with your current job. You never lose by learning. You may not think you will ever use what you learned but just the process of learning expands your brain helping you expand your thinking.

My expertise and thus my career have always been in transportation. I love it (most days) but I realize freight brokering is not for everyone. When we teamed up with Gatlin Education (the largest provider of online education) to write an online version of our training course I learned of the thousands of courses they offer. So when we went live with our online course we decided to also offer other Gatlin courses that might be of interest to our browsers.

A key in business success is truly enjoying what you do, the field you are in and the people with whom you work. So…if you work alone, that means you need to like yourself then find a field that fits you. Take a moment and think, what would I most enjoy spending my day doing. Evaluate you talents (natural abilities) and skills (learned abilities) and brainstorm what fields use those gifts.

Our elearning center has featured courses as well as a plethora of other courses. Experts in the field write the courses. No matter how talented you are, education is key in business success and maximum earning potential.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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