Thursday, May 21, 2009

Freight Brokering to Large National Accounts

If you want the big guy accounts you gotta be ready to be able to service them with the white glove treatment. Large companies require the securing of multiple lanes and volume. You must understand, the shipper knows that their volume of freight should get them the best pricing and service. So when you get a chance to work with these companies - the national accounts, every lane must be covered, no exceptions. It is absolutely essential to know the precise cost of services with your carrier prior to submitting the quote to shipper.

Large shippers have layers of people with which to deal. It is critical for you to meet the guy or girl in charge of increasing sales and service while decreasing cost, i.e. value added services.

These professionals love value added services like free freight bill auditing, on-site warehouse management, all the way to total outsourcing if it meets their needs. The President is the hardest to get to and the easiest to sell if you have what they want.

If the top guy trusts you then you are golden. Never do anything to break that trust. Be trustworthy and you will receive trust. (that’s a great concept for life).

To land and service large accounts, you will have to do a lot of homework. Study back haul lanes and find carriers that need what you have to offer. You must treat the carrier right -pay them on time and fairly. The carrier must agree
on service requirements and communication, if not find a new carrier. These big national accounts have to constantly find ways to decrease fixed costs and variable costs. Transportation is one of those areas. You in turn will need to find ways to decrease fixed and variable costs without compromising service…if you want to keep the big account, that is.

The President of the company studies the report card, the p&l and the balance sheet. I can tell you for sure what is his or her goal: to put a plan together to increase profits and grow.

Fit in with that plan and you have a customer for life.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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