Friday, June 26, 2009

Lemonade Recipe

We're finishing up another great week of freight broker training in Dallas. I am invigorated by working with students eager to learn and grow as a person. On Friday students are presented with career opportunities. A freight broker, like an insurance agent or a real estate broker can work as an independent or be an agent for an established firm. In our classes we present both options. As an independent broker you are your own boss which means, you are it. You find the business and do the business. As an agent for another broker you can focus on finding the business and depend on your broker to help you with some of the back end work. We teach our students to concentrate their efforts on what they do best. We have trained professionals from a variety of different fields. Truckers often become freight brokers when they'd like to drive a little less. They understand a lot about the business but seem to always be amazed by how much they learn in freight broker school. I know that truckers in general don't like freight brokers. I'm happy when a trucker comes to our school and learns to appreciate the job of brokers. I have made it my passion to elevate the reputation of freight brokers. There are some shady ones out there but I know in the long run they won't win out. You get what you give. If you try to run shady deals, others will try to pull the wool over your eyes too. In my career I try to do the best by my customer. I purpose to serve them better than they expect. When you give more than expected you win customers for life. Even if you don't get a customer for life you can sleep better knowing that you did right by others. I read an article yesterday in Inc magazine that talked of a pizza joint that doesn't believe the customer is always right. Blog entries about their food weren't all positive. In a creative genius move they decided to make shirts for their servers with the bloggers' remarks. So imagine going into a pizza place and the waiter walks up with a shirt that says "Our pizza if really greasy." That would make me laugh. I call that turning lemons into lemonade. Life is too short to get upset about critics.
Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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