Wednesday, June 3, 2009

New Freight Brokers on the Loose

Last week we hosted a live freight brokerage class in our Dallas/Fort Worth office. What a great group of students. It was a diverse group, students from the transportation industry looking to learn more, real estate brokers and then those with no sales experience at all. Here is what they wrote about their week long training. I enjoyed spending time with this fine group. Good luck graduates. Call anytime.

The entire week was full of information! Instructors were very professional and had unlimited knowledge on all aspects of the business. I am totally confident I can do sales and service now. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who is looking to make a positive change in life! Way to go guys! Vickie Clemens

Great information! Very comprehensive course. Passionate instructor. Jerome Madison

I came into this training with no experience in the freight or trucking industry and no sales experience. I left with the tools and knowledge to be a successful as an agent or broker. The rest is up to me. Jonathan Moss

Great information. Thanks for everything!! Roman North, Racehorse Express

I came into the class with no experience and when I got there it was everything I expected and much more. It was fun, exciting and very helpful and well worth my money. Quintonia Bolten

I had a great time interacting with others and staff. It really opens your eyes when you see all the opportunities that exists on the different web sites Take the opportunity and run with it. Tim Clemens

I came into this class as an owner operator wanting to open my own brokerage. The information that I learned helped me to understand the way to quote rates and inquire of shippers. It was well worth the investment. Thomas Latchie

My first call was to Jeff Roach. He took an hour and a half of his time to talk with me about the class. That was before I signed up for the class. When I came to class I learned more than I expected and all questions were answered. I now feel I can start my business with what I learned and have the resources to help me be successful in it. Thank you. Robin.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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