Friday, July 10, 2009

Freight Broker Rancher

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a blog asking anyone thinking about thinking about being a freight broker to give me a call. Recently Robert, a laid off truck driver, gave me a call. His wife had found the blog on an Internet search as she was helping her man in his search for a new career. She gave Robert the number. Robert called me to ask me a lot of questions about our freight brokers classes. We had a great talk. Here is his story:

“I’ve been a truck driver for 19 years. For the past 6 years I have been a contract driver for the post office driving a route between distribution centers in Virginia. The post office stopped my route in March. This is the first time in my life I have been laid off. The first time I have applied for unemployment. I could get another truck driving job but I would most likely have had to move. With my post office route my wife and I were able to move out to some acreage and buy some ponies. As a freight broker I will be able to work out of my ranch, take care of my ponies and be with my family.

I found the freight broker online training course through my local community college’s partnership with the online education company that administers the course written by Brooke Training. I researched it online. It was perfect. I could do all my work from home. I have 6 months to complete the course but my plan is to finish in 2 months, get started and still have 4 months I can go back and review some of the things in the course.

And I won’t even have to pay for the course. My unemployment contact gave me the information needed to apply for a Federal program in the WIA or Worker Investment Act. I called my governor’s office to find out who heads up this program in Virginia.
I found I was eligible to apply for a grant, if approved I won’t have to pay anything back(because it is a retraining grant, not a loan).

Ideally I want to be an independent freight broker but realistically I know I’ll need to be an agent for an established freight broker. They’ll help me with cash flow, legalities and other expenses. It is a low cost business to start.

The new year for grant money distribution started July 1st so most of the money is available now.

It is a little scary, but I’m looking forward to my new career“

I’ll keep in touch with Robert and let you know of his progress in future blogs. To view our online freight broker training course go to our Just in Time Freight site our join us for the live course in Dallas, California or Florida.

Moving forward,

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