Thursday, July 30, 2009

Learn to Succeed

So you want to be a freight broker or fb agent? It’s like being a real estate or insurance agent. Same concept.

This is the deal. We can teach you how to start a work from home freight broker agency. It will be your own business, you are the boss. Freight Brokering consistently makes the lists for great career jobs that can be done from home.

Know that it takes 3-6 months to get this business off the ground. If you are willing to work hard and give your new business the time to grow you will succeed. Do you want us to teach you how to open your own agency?

My trainers and I teach the right process, introduce you to the best vendors and introduce you to the best Brokers that are looking for agents.

Read through our web sites. Own your own business for $2500.00 (training only). You’ll need to buy your computer and stuff like that but you do not have to have the same overhead as a Broker. To understand the difference between a broker and an agent read our FAQ section.

Call us 214-206-1139 to sign up for class. Seating really is limited to seven students and only 4 in North Carolina. Live classes are held nearly every month but fill up fast. We keep the classes small so each student gets a personal learning experience. We answer all questions and encourage each student to reach their potential.

When you call Jeff, Jan or Tish will answer the phone. We all are in the business as agents so we can answer just about any question about being a freight broker.

We tell you how to succeed in sales and dispatching etc. Then we actually do some sales, and dispatching in class. We’ve had graduates land their first accounts during their week of training. You will see how it all works in real time.

By the way, do all of us a favor, and go through the web sites before calling. Read as much as you can.

This is a face-paced business. You are either calling shippers looking for freight or calling carriers trying to cover freight – all day long.
That's right I said all day long. It is exciting but can be exhausting. You can’t have a lazy attitude to make it as a freight broker.

See you in class, or on line. I hate all those work from home spam emails. This is not one of those. This is the best deal going if you are a worker.


P.S. Went kayaking tonight and watched sun go down. It was beautiful.
Don't forget the important things in life. All the money in the world can't compare to the gift God gives us in sunrises and sunsets.

Jeff Roach - President
Brooke Transportation Training Solutions

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