Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Stable

Tonight is the night we celebrate a miraculous night 2,000 years ago.  The night a precious young lady delivered a baby who would become the Savior of the world.  This historical event happened in a plain stable where all those who got a room in the inn kept their animals, their vehicles of the day.  Had it been today I suppose baby Jesus would have been born in the parking garage of a hotel.  God had planned this evening since the beginning of time.  He created the world, then created a couple of people who would sire a population in need of hope, love, peace and forgiveness.  We need hope, love, peace and forgiveness all the more today. 

I plan on enjoying some time with my family opening gifts, eating lots of delicious foods and watching a little football.  But I also plan and encourage you to plan on reflecting on what happened this day and night in another land at another time.  Be thankful for all your blessings and spread this hope, love, peace and forgiveness in your circle of the world.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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