Monday, June 22, 2015

Life Changing and Eye Opening Training

Last week we had our monthly basic freight broker course in Dallas.  Once again our graduates valued their experience and the excellent training.  Here's what they said about their week of training:

I started this training clueless about the trucking business unsure about which direction I actually wanted to go in. After completing the course and listening to each of the speakers brought about a different light. Vinny was a great instructor along with Tish with the support of showing how to post the loads, get the loads, find the drivers, and etc. I look forward to getting out in the field to push all the knowledge. I gained to make this thing successful.

 Contina Evans 

Words can’t explain, I loved everything about the class! The people. I had no clue which direction I wanted to go in. I know I had a lot of buddies in the freight business, but didn’t know my niche, but this class actually helped me with that decision.
Kevin B.

Thank you for allowing me to attend today with my wife. I thoroughly enjoyed listening to Bryan Flanagan and I like the presentation Don McDaniel gave. He would be someone I’d like to work with. 
 Brian H.

This was a great experience! I was lost about Freight Brokering prior to the class, but I am leaving feeling confident in my ability to move freight. Thank you to my instructors, guests, and vendors for making this all worthwhile. E. Rogeaux

As an instructor/teacher Vinny has made a positive impact on my decision to go forward in being an agent. I was a little nervous and unsure that I was doing the right class for me. Vinny has answered questions, and given me the help to enable me to finish this class. Thanks to all the Brooke team, and a special thanks to Vinny! 
Del Francis

I am a new small carrier business. This class was extremely helpful to me as I was interested in learning all perspectives with the transportation business. The quality and quantity of information provided through this program is on – point, thorough and over-all a phenomenal training experience! I highly recommend this program for those who are new to the transportation logistics as well as for those with experience in the industry.
Camey Sears

Class was very informative. I am glad I took the time to attend this class. The instructor, Vinny, was funny and opened my eyes to the sale business of brokering. I would recommend this class to anyone interested in becoming a Broker or Agent.

Mo Draught

The experienced gained from this program is totally worth it, life changing opportunity, and an eye opener for all the possibilities that can be accomplished. The instructor in itself was really a highlight, very professional, prepared, helpful, and always available and willing to LISTEN. Would recommend to anyone interested, new comers, and/or already in part or doing something within this business.

Edgar R.


My experience with the instructors this week is they have been great motivators with great integrity. The instructors were knowledgable and provided many techniques on approaching new clients. The interacting with the guests help get a better understanding of yourself as a person to better your approach with a new perspective client.

Working with the program has certainly reinforced my way in viewing my approach with new potential clients. Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to get into the freight business. It provides high quality instructors and experience.

Fred de Luna

Met some lifelong friends in the transportation industry. Learned a lot about “Life” principals along with transportation information. Thank you.

Curtis Leslie

“Don at Landstar” I appreciate the school allowing this type of speaker, who has serious intentions of hiring students directly out of school and offering assistance as required. I feel this can allow Anyone a true start.

“Vinny” – the best salesman in the country, second to me. What an honest and great instructor. I feel I have met a great mentor. 

Curtis Morrison

Thank you graduates for training with us.  Thank you instructors for doing a great job getting these students ready to hit the road with engines roaring.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach 

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