Monday, June 8, 2015

Learn Success

Brooke Training has a facebook page.  This recent freight broker training graduate chose to send us a testimonial and post to our facebook account about his experience in our course.  Unfortunately it seems that the unhappy among us tend to do most the posting/ranting online.  This post was refreshing.

Facebook post after 2nd day (of freight broker training course) May 19, 2015:

What I've learned thus far!
I've learned that we certainly do impose unreasonable limits upon our selves. I've learned what it means to speak to another person and bring that person into importance. Ive learned how to step out of my box of Conscientiousness and into others boxes of Steadiness, Influence, and Dominance (reference Behavioral DiSC tests). Equally I was educated on how to determine that personality type you are speaking to. I was taught how to slow down so thatI can run faster, longer. I was taught how to objectively set real goals for my self and how to properly design a path to reach them.
I was taught how to focus on the only point in time that I can control, that time is right now, this very second. I was taught how to determine whether something is a problem or a predicament and how to determine whether or not I should out energy into the problem. This school taught me how to break free of fear when the unknown is strongest. I was shown how the power of my thoughts control all my circumstances. They taught me how to focus on the small things, especially each little victory, no matter how small it seems. This school has taught me how to attach with emotion.

They of course have taught me a huge amount of freight brokerage process, terminology, legal, research, and so forth.
This is only day 2 of 5, I've already been on the phone with shippers (nerves wrecked), and I survived.

What will I take home at the end of this ultra high speed, super realistic, cut you to the core course? Simple! How to achieve anything, anywhere, anytime, for any dream. I am very interested to see what else I am going to learn in the next 3 days!

School: ‪#‎Brooke‬ <>  Transportation Training Solutions, SouthLake, TX.

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