Thursday, December 3, 2015

Get Rich

I grew up financially challenged.  But we were rich in experiences, rich in family and rich in love.  I have amazing parents who worked hard at their jobs and raised us well but they weren't rich in the world's eyes. 

I did spend a season of my career focusing on the dollar.  Then I realized that is not where the true richness of life comes.  The Christmas season is a time to focus on the richness of your life.  Not rich in money but rather rich in savoring life, your blessings.  I founded my school on the idea that you can make a good income by focusing on integrity and helping your customer get what they need to succeed.   I started working out of my garage and made a million.  Not overnight but I have made more than a million as a freight broker.  I truly love this industry. So how did I do it?

First, don’t count on making money right away but know that if you make 50 calls you have a chance to at least make 250.00 that day.  In the sales world we are taught it takes 10 pitches before you make a sale.  Mentally be prepared to make those calls for 3 months, that is 3000 prospect calls.  Have 6 months living expenses put away.  Every big success story kept at it for 5 years.  Keep at something for 5 years you will succeed.  In our get rich quick, instant gratitude living from paycheck to paycheck society 5 years seems like an eternity, but stay working hard and you will profit.

In our course we have the flying 5 buck activity.  I ask a student to come to the front of the class, pick up the phone, then hang it up.  I then explained that if 50 calls = $250.00 each call is worth $5.00.  A “yes” or a “no” call pay the same. I then ask the student to start making calls. Every time they make one -I throw a five dollar bill on the table.  When cash starts flying the student’s phone calling fear turns to making as many calls as they can.

It is so funny because their fear disappears and they just go straight to making as many calls as they can.

Come to class learn that and more.  Invest in yourself, it will pay off. 

I want to educate and motivate the go getters and the go givers.
Moving forward,

Jeff  Roach

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