Monday, December 28, 2015

New Freight Brokers with Confidance

Brad Lingo is the instructor for our California Freight Broker/Agent course. He recently graduated a great group of students who loved the course, learned a lot and left with confidence.  Here are some of the testimonials the graduates so graciously wrote on their experience: 

I love this course!  Brad was a pleasure and made me enjoy each day.  I am confident I know what I need to do to succeed.  Thank you.  –Kanwai

Great class.  The instructor gave out very useful information.  I feel I have a better understanding of that it takes to be a broker. I would recommend this training to everyone who wants to be a broker.  --Loretta Salgado

Brad is an excellent teacher who provides a lot of his own knowledge to the students, which is very helpful.  He also keeps the class entertained...  –Sinthia Rodriquez

I came into this course with absolutely zero knowledge in the industry.  The course was so informative and packed with information.  I am now walking away feeling completely comfortable beginning our freight brokerage and assisting clients confidently.  Brad is amazing and made this course a wonderful experience for me.   --Ashlee Wardlow

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions has live courses every month training professionals in the transportation industry.  Our basic course takes one week to complete.  Our advanced course takes a week as well.  So in two weeks time a student has the education, inspiration and plan of action ready to begin a fast paced career as a freight broker, freight broker agent and many other positions in the freight industry.

Sign up today for a career where the sky is the limit.

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