Monday, August 15, 2016

Difficult People

We all have to deal with difficult people from time to time.  We may be the difficult person from time to time.  So before you start pointing fingers, take some time for self reflection.  Notice how people are reacting to you.  If they are taken aback by your comments, perhaps you are being difficult.  If people don't trust you, perhaps you are difficult.  Difficult people are untrustworthy.  You can't be sure that they will live up to their word.  Do you manipulate?  Difficult people may be manipulative.  When you are interacting with them do they question whether you are being straight forward or trying to pull a fast one. 

Difficult people may be difficult because of something outside of their control.  Perhaps they have a difficult boss, spouse or wayward child.  Perhaps they are battling a health issue.  They could be in chronic pain physically or mentally or both.  Perhaps they just found out someone they love is hurting in some way. 

Remember we all will be difficult to deal with at times.  Your job is to try to figure out if and when you are being difficult.  As you recognize what triggers you to be difficult, try to change those triggers.  If you can't change the triggers, figure out a better way to react to the triggers so they no longer have control of you.  Have empathy for others.  When you put yourself in their place perhaps you can overlook some of their difficult ways. 

Some people are difficult because they are in the wrong career.  If you'd like a change of careers come join us at our next freight broker training course either live or online.  You will learn how to be a freight broker and get some inspiration for life.

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