Tuesday, August 9, 2016

What is a Freight Broker?

A freight broker is the laison between one who has something that needs to be shipped and the carrier who will move the load.  The three parties: the freight broker, the shipper and the carrier will work closely to accomplish the task of getting a load from one location to another.  The freight broker builds a relationship with both shippers and carriers.  Many freight brokers specialize in specific types of loads that require specific modes of transportation.  For instance a freight broker who specializes in moving vehicles will also specialize in carriers with car transporters.  A freight broker who moves groceries will also get to know carriers who own refrigerated trucks (reefers).   A new freight broker will benefit immensely from freight broker training because transportation is a complicated business with regulations and unique technologies. 

I have been in the transportation career for close to 30 years and have spent most of that time as a freight broker.  The industry can be challenging and fast paced but very rewarding.  I enjoy negotiating the deals and following through on the cargo transportation.

I spend my days talking with aspiring freight brokers.  Some know a lot about the industry, others know nothing.  But everyone learns much in the process.  If you'd like to be in a career where the sky is the limit and be your own boss come join us in one of our freight broker training courses. 

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