Thursday, January 26, 2017

Be a Leader

As the owner of a training school I am expected to know my industry.  I have some years in the business, so I do have some experience to share with those newer in the business.  Knowledge and experience carries responsibility.  In training others I must be a man of high moral character because others are watching me, aspiring to find success in the transportation industry like I have. That is a challenge for me, because I am flawed.  We are all flawed so the best we can do is try to overcome our flaws and learn from our mistakes.  Be quick to forgive and accept forgiveness for my own shortcomings.

 I recently found this list of qualities of a leader with a brief definition of each:

Wisdom and Knowledge – strengths for stimulating visions and ideas.
Courage – strengths for weaving moral fiber.
Humanity – strengths for developing others.
Justice – strengths for role modeling.
Temperance – strengths for keeping the ego in check.
Transcendence – strengths for inspiring greatness.

Take a few minutes to think on these characteristics.  Read through the list several times.  I think I'm going to post this list by my desk so I can let these ideas sink in a little each day.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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