Thursday, January 12, 2017

2017 is Here

Happy New Year to You.  I haven't gotten used to writing 2017 yet.  It seems to take me longer each year to remember we are in a new year.  It takes me longer to remember a lot of things now a days actually. 

But I do enjoy taking time to remember the blessings of the year.  2016 is in the books so now is a great time to reflect on the past and project for the future. 

In 2016 we trained a lot of new freight brokers.  If you are one of those brokers let me know how the beginning of your new career in freight brokering is going.  I did some great fishing  in Mexico.  I spent great time with my family and friends.  I started wearing a fit bit to monitor my fitness activity...but I can't say I always get all my steps in.

So my goals for the New Year include training more freight brokers because we are going to need them according to projections I have read.  We are going to offer classes in Chicago February 13-17 and March 13 - 17.  If you are in the area or want to take a little trip Illinois, come join us.

 How will you improve your life in 2017 while helping those around you?

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach
214- 206-1169

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