Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Chicago Career Training

Live in the Chicago area? Can you hop on a flight to Chicago easily?  Then we have a training course for you.

In February and again in March we will offer our Freight Broker Training Course in Chicago.

In one week you will learn a proven process to be a success as a freight broker or freight broker agent.  A  freight broker matches loads that need to be moved with the transporters who can move the load.  The broker can work as an independent agent or as an agent of a larger freight brokerage.  In either case the broker is his own boss.  As your own boss your earnings are up to you. The harder and smarter you work, the more you will earn.  Training will help you work smarter by giving you tools, and motivation for success.  Brooke Training has been teaching the method for successful freight brokering for a couple of decades now.  The instructors are involved in the transportation industry so they teach from experience.  They will answer any questions you have during training and be there for you as you start your business. 

Many freight brokers start out on their own then come to training after they've been struggling in business for a while.  They tell us they don't know why they waited to get training.

Come train for a career that is in demand.  We always need freight brokers with integrity to keep our economy moving.

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Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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