Monday, January 16, 2017

Is Freight Broker Training Worth It?

I'm a big proponent of training.  I've read the research.  Training does give you a leg up on whatever it is you are doing.  My brother-in-law was heading off to a ski vacation.  But he didn't know how to ski.  He secretly went to a sporting goods shop that had a fake mountain and learned to ski on "carpet" snow.  The others in the group did not take such lessons.

When they got to the real snow the others were so amazed at how quickly my brother in law caught on to sking.  His ski training got him sailing down those real mountains with a lot more ease than those who did not take lessons ahead of time.

I've seen the same thing happen time and time again to new freight brokers. I have watched both those who start their freight brokerage without training and those who have been through training.  I've seen both succeed and I've seen both fail.  You can get the best training yet not work hard enough or smart enough to land the accounts that will grow over time.  You can go in untrained and figure it out on your own.  But how many careers can you launch successfully without some education? 

One thing I know for sure, when you start your freight brokerage without training your road to success will be longer.  Many of our graduates said they wish they had not waited to get training.  At Brooke Transportation Training Solutions we teach a process.  We share valuable resources and techniques.  We make sure our students understand how to use the technologies available to the best of their ability.

All of our instructors are in the transportation business or have spent years in the business and now are giving back by training others.  Their wealth of knowledge, wisdom and insight is invaluable.  I am a strong believer in continuing education.  I know the value of having mentors in business and in life.  My mentors have steered me away from many cliffs that could have been devastating.

If you are thinking about starting a career as a freight broker or freight broker agent, give me a call.  I won't pressure you, I'll just tell you my story and ask about yours.  I take many calls from freight brokers who just need a little advise or encouragement.  They may or may not come to my school in the future.  But I believe you get what you give.  If I am stingy with my time others won't give me the time of day.  If I give some help then when I need help there will be someone there to help me.

We only have one chance to make the most of today.  Enjoy.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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