Friday, September 14, 2007

Let me Tell you about my friend

My buddy Lance White has been helping me out since I started Brooke Training. We just added his bio to our website as one of instructors. Here’s an excerpt just to let you know that I have instructors that really know their stuff. I know some stuff, but Lance he really knows stuff.

Lance White exemplifies passion and commitment to freight broker students by sharing some great victories as well as a few battle scars. Lance shares from his wealth of experience. He knows how to build a successful business because he has done it. He learned stamina, working through pain and a plethora of life lessons as a football hero.

Lance's experience prior to coming to Brooke involved lots of money, personality and sales. He has a background in home loans, homebuilding and company ownership. He passes on to students what it takes to start your own business then adjust during the growing pains.

Lance recently attended a dynamic training program called Discovery. He gained empowerment to live life to its fullest potential. He teaches students and anyone who will listen this NEW way of life not only through his voice, but also mostly through his actions.

That a bit about my good friend Lance. Have a great weekend!

Moving forward,

Jeff Raach

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