Thursday, September 6, 2007

Real People Said These Things about us:

We had an awesome training class last week. Here’s what some of the graduates said about their week with us.

I’m very pleased. I can work from home doing what I enjoy doing and make decent money. The most important thing I learned is how to start and succeed by first “walking” as an agent and work up to “running” as a broker. Arcelia Madigan 8/07

I came in to training really negative. After day one I felt like I would be able to do anything and everything. I was inspired by all of the positive motivation not only in my business but also my personal life. Chrystie R Robinson 8/07

Toby Slough was a wonderful inspiration to me. Guest speakers are key. Brooke gets an A for speakers. I loved the way everyone was willing to give you contact info for if you ever need their help. Vinny told the whole class to call when discouraged. Chrystie R. Robinson 8/08

This class was fabulous, inspiring, wonderful. Taneka Newman 8/07

Great! Wealth of information. I recommend it. Sharonda McAlester 8/07

Thanks Brooke. Guest speakers were full of knowledge. I know I got my money’s worth. You accomplished something I didn’t think was possible. Jerry McAlester 8/07

Come join us for our September class. We have a blast, make new friends and learn a career where the sky is the limit.

Moving forward

Jeff Roach

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