Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Trade School vs. Seminar

Brooke Transportation Training Solutions, as I discussed yesterday is a trade school by definition. Our school is NOT a seminar. Although our live training is short (a week long) it gives you more than a seminar. Seminars are here today and gone tomorrow. They typically hone your skills, rather than teach an entire industry.

This is a perfect real home based business for those who need or want to earn a real income from home. Our graduates have fascinating stories because many of them are disabled or have a family situation that requires they work from home. This is not a get rich quick deal. To succeed in this career you need passion to serve both shippers and carriers. Students must have realistic goals
upon graduation.

Starting as a freight broker agent requires knowledge and a relationship to
brokers who will allow you to work under their authority, license and bond,
provide tech support and on-going training. That is the solution we provide in our trade school. Other trade schools may take a year to prepare for your new career. Ours takes 3-6 months of hard work every day on the job all day to
up and going, just like any small business. You make an investment in training, learn more and work hard under another broker and within a year you should start to see lucrative deals come through. Successful graduates have a great attitude, perseverance and focus on improving daily. Commit to helping and serving your customers and you will have a profitable home-based business.

People ask me all the time - how much do you make? I tell them
It is up to them to determine whom much they want to make. It requires the
most tenacious type person who is serious about owning their own company and
working hard. The good news is, being an agent requires very little start up $ and all of the brokers that come and recruit from our graduates provide on-going training and support after graduation. Although it is your own business- you are not alone.


Jeff Roach - President Brooke Transportation Training Solutions
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