Friday, May 23, 2008

My expertise and thus my career have always been in transportation. I love it (most days) but I realize freight brokering is not for everyone. When we teamed up with Gatlin Education (the largest provider of online education) to write an online version of our training course I learned of the thousands of courses they offer. So when we went live with our online course we decided to also offer other Gatlin courses that might be of interest to our browsers. At find a listing of other opportunities towards a bright new future.

A key in business success is truly enjoying what you do, the field you are in and the people with whom you work. So…if you work alone, that means you need to like yourself then find a field that fits you. If you go crazy being alone all day then make sure to choose an avenue that calls for interaction. Take a moment and think, what would I most enjoy spending my day doing. Evaluate you talents (natural abilities) and skills (learned abilities) and brainstorm what fields use those gifts.

Our elearning (electronic learning) center has featured courses as well as a plethora of other courses. Experts in the field write and facilitate the courses. No matter how talented you are, education is key in business success and maximum earning potential. These courses are taken on line from your own computer at your pace…in you pajama pants if you like.

At you can easily browse or use our search window to find a field of study of interest. Go ahead take a moment to dream. What would you like to learn today? Learn online anywhere, anytime. Education is never wasted.

Expand your mind, expand your income potential and expand your future by learning something new or refreshing something you already know.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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