Thursday, May 22, 2008

Training Choice

I received this question I thought I’d blog for any of you out there who might be asking the same question.

I am very interested in taking the Brooke Freight Broker training class. I have done allot of research into the transportation industry and am familiar with much of it given my experience as Director of Operations at a publishing firm for 20 years. I was responsible for all aspects of distribution and logistics. The prospect of working in this industry as a freight broker / agent and being able to have it as a home based business is very intriguing - particularly from where I live.

My first question is whether or not you felt any advantage to taking the "live" class in Dallas versus the on-line course through Gatlin Education. Both appear to be excellent, yet the live class is one week where the on-line course would last much longer at 150 hours. Cost is a bit of a factor as well, but I am willing to pay for the quality course.

My second question is whether or not you recommend being a freight broker agent first rather than jumping in head first as a broker. My desire is to be a broker. Is it difficult to leave a brokerage house as an agent to start your own brokerage house? Are there non-compete issues?

Any advise or direction you could give me would be extremely helpful and appreciated. I look forward to taking your training course very soon.


Stephen D.
Sisters, OR


Choosing a course all depends on how you think you learn most effectively. The live class is more interactive. The on-line course is more detailed. The live class is available in several locations. See the website for a schedule, and keep checking back because we are adding new classes as the need arises. The online course is available 24/7. Both courses will give you what you need to get started in this industry.

One of the things we hear from graduates is how much they enjoyed meeting other students and keeping in touch with them as they each start their own business. We have super instructors, so having face-to-face interaction with them is beneficial. The online course is very convenient, very thorough and you can take it at your own pace. The instructor (me) is available to answer questions/consult with students before, during and after finish of the online course. I know our live course graduates feel a bit of information overload by the end of the week.
Honestly the best case is to take the live course and then the on-line course. You might choose to start putting some knowledge learned in either course for a while, then take the other option as a refresher, reminder, and motivator. A hands on Advanced Course is offered after the basic when requested by graduates.
Upon graduation you will be set and be ready to compete in this industry.
Thanks for the inquiry.
Moving Forward,


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