Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Small Steps

I imagine anyone starting a new business, dreams of landing a big account right off. Just as a would-be a movie star hopes of being discovered in a diner. The reality is most “overnight success” stories started with years of getting their foot in the door. I read the story of a very rich novelist. Nearly every book he writes makes the best seller list almost immediately. Yet he wrote for decades, supported by his wife before he made enough money to pay the mortgage. We know success takes time in our mind but we really in our heart want to skip past the hard work to the reaping of all the rewards. Today as you make your 50 calls face each one optimistically as a potential business relationship in the budding stage. Shippers will be leery because unfortunately there are brokers who do not act above board. Work hard to prove you are trustworthy in small ways. If you say you will check back to see if they have a load next month, by golly you better check back with them when you say you will. If you say you will send them something, do it right away. Deliver more than you promise. Follow up with a thank you note (with business card) or email. Be creative in ways to stay in touch in a way that shows you desire to assist them in anyway possible. Ask for their advice on how to serve the customer. Listen and learn from every encounter.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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