Monday, July 7, 2008


Think of all the gas not being used because school is out for the summer. The buses are staying parked at the bus barn for the most part. Now families are most likely spending more on fuel to go on summer vacation, shuttle the kids to Vacation Bible Schools, day camps and the swimming pool. We need to all use our creative juices to cut back on fuel usage where we can and support seeking legislation that would find more fuel and alternate fuel sources in our own country. I understand that people don’t want to be sitting on a beautiful beach and watch oil pumps out in the ocean but there are creative solutions for that dilemma as well.

I recently had dinner with a man in the oil business. He told me about an oil derrick that is disguised as a resort. An “ugly” oil contraption does not mar the beautiful beach landscape. I’m amazed by the ingenuity in our country to consider not only the production aspect but also the aesthetic impact of their industry.

The waste industry is turning landfills into golf courses and construction companies even put nice looking wooden fences around the outhouse.

I walk to some of my errands. It doesn’t save a ton of gas but if we all do a little it will add up to a lot. It also gives me a little more exercise for the day.

I heard of a group who are promoting stretching the gas you buy by coasting in neutral when you can, driving outside the groove of the tire tracks on the road and filling your tank in the cool of the morning rather than the heat of the day among other things.

My mind is always racing with creative ways to promote my business and land the next sale. Think outside the box today and you will get a new lease on life.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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