Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I was chatting with an industrious entrepreneur today. He was retired from the car business. He and his daughter decided to invest in a business of their own. Dad did a little research and decided going the franchise route would be smart. So for $50,000 they bought a well-known delivery service franchise (I won’t name names).

Then he started asking himself, “What do I do? Who are my customers? How do I get customers?” He googled freight broker training schools and found our school. Then he called me. I was glad to talk with him but sad to inform him that he didn’t need to spend $50,000. For less than $3,000 he could have his own freight delivery business and the know how to run it. Our course not only teaches you how to be a successful freight broker and competent small business owner we also give our students the opportunity to affiliate with top notched, established freight brokers.

Each student is encouraged to figure out a niche that fits him or her. That niche can be type of freight (like refrigerated or refer), type of customer (like Spanish speaking) or type of delivery (like expedited).

People choose franchising because of the support and name recognition. Our graduates get both those of things. We are dedicated to helping our students before, during and after their course with advanced class offerings and consulting. I chat with our graduates on the phone regularly when they call with questions and concerns. I blog things I think will help motivate and educate our graduates.

Take time to research whatever career move you desire. I'd enjoy the opportunity to talk to you about our course.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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