Friday, October 3, 2008


I read this on a blog forum and found it quite compelling for our economically stressed times:

“It doesn't matter what type of business - they all require smart marketing and sound business fundamentals. Why is it that some plumbers, or flower stores, or restaurants, or printers or whatever are going broke while others are prospering beyond their wildest dreams?

Those that fail don't know their business skills, including market research and effective marketing. The more information a person can gather on their own, the more informed they will be. The more willing Freight Broker Training websites are to dish out FREE, honest and realistic information BEFORE collecting one single dollar, the more successful these trainers will be…”

There will always be a market for freight brokering until we learn how “to beam” products from manufacturing to distribution channels. I really like the approach this forum contributor praises. I’m an educator both in the brokering classroom and in the brokering business. You educate your carriers on how you’d like to help them keep their trucks loaded, moving and profitable. You educate potential shippers on how you assure them their products are moved from origination to destination. Sometimes you have to educate each end when something gets off schedule. So long as you keep everyone informed with the information they want to know, you will be highly regarded in this business. You will succeed if you make your calls, find your market, truckers to work with and products to move.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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