Monday, October 27, 2008

Excellent Class

We finished up a super class last week in Dallas. I wish all the graduates well. Enjoy your jump into the dynamic world of freight brokering. Make your 50 calls a day, you will succeed. I’d value seeing you again in our advanced course. Thanks again for coming to our course and participating to the full. Here are some of the comments we were honored to get from this most recent class of freight broker training live.

Well-organized class. Students get both a good learning experience as well as the opportunity to network for potential agent positions. Definitely time well spent.
Krishna R-

Worth every dollar! Caring for each student’s success was evident. Speakers and teachers shared real life experiences. All extended themselves after class to answer questions. Audrey M.

I would recommend carriers take this class. Very informative! Provided understanding of the other side of the business. Albert. A

Covered every aspect of brokering freight with a variety of expert teachers. Excellent.
John H.

Thank you for allowing me to attend this class…we can do this. Jeff Roach is a great motivator and teacher. Dotty H.

Really enjoyed speeches by Krish Dhanam, Roy Meyers and Josh Allen. They all helped me understand the agent process better by giving their hands-on input. Jeff and Janis Roach went beyond their duty to ensure we succeed. Janice K.

Class surpassed my very high expectations. Speakers were very informative. I feel confidant that I know what I want to do when I grow up. This class was a spiritual moment in my life. Ron

If you have ever spoken to any group you know that hearing “job well done” from your audience is priceless. Our next class in Dallas is the week of November 10th. So come fill up with knowledge before you fill up with turkey.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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