Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Sales Letter with Punch

How To Write An Emotionally-Charged Sales Letter
From Mike Jezek, for

Are you frustrated that your sales letter isn't getting results? Do you wonder how to improve your sales letter writing?
The solution to lackluster results: Emotion. Buying decisions are based upon emotion and later backed up by logic.
Legendary sales letter writer Robert Collier once said, "Appeal to the reason, by all means. Give people a logical excuse for buying that they can tell to their friends and use to salve their own consciences. But if you want to sell goods, if you want action of any kind, base your real urge upon some primary emotion."
Here are 3 ways to emotionally-charge your sales letter writing:
1. Stir Up Pain: Focus on how they have this problem (that your product/service solves) and that because of this problem, they're hindered, frustrated, troubled and unable to attain their deepest desires because this problem lingers.
2. Mesmerizing Stories: Stories evoke emotion. Weave stories into writing your sales letter that stir up hope in attaining a goal, avoiding trouble or achieving a dream. Fear of loss is more powerful than desire to gain for most people.
3. Use Emotional Words Instead Of Logical Words: It's no surprise that some words fire off stronger emotions than others. Words like abortion, pro-life, Soviet, or dictator have an immediate effect. Other less controversial words such as mom, dad, family, home, friends, sister, and brother have strong emotional impact. You need to evaluate your target market and find out what key words your market really reacts too.
Ideally you want to use many small, one syllable words that your prospects can relate an emotion to and subtly plant them throughout the sales copy to spark an emotional reaction.

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