Friday, September 4, 2009

The Home Office

Working from home is incredible. Everyone envies you. Freight Brokering is a super work from home career. But I’ve learned as an entrepreneur who started in my garage, overflowed into my house, moved to an office building then downsized back to my house, it can be a challenge. I edited down this great article I found on with set up tips.

Tips for Setting Up Your First Home Office
Making Your Home-based Office Space Functional and Efficient

1. Getting Started

Working from home offers many advantages - from the flexibility of setting your own schedule to saving time and gas money by virtually eliminating your daily commute. However, being successful in a home office requires creating an office space that promotes efficiency in a non-traditional work environment. Consider the following tips to help define a professional working space for your new business.

1. Make a List of Your Critical Home Office Needs
Before claiming a corner in one of your rooms and calling it an office, make a detailed list of your most basic needs for a home office. This is called your "critical needs" list. It should include items you must have for your office, such as a desk, computer, fax machine, telephone, and so on. If you are a graphic artist, for example, you may need both a small desk for your computer and a larger table or work space for your artwork. If you are a consultant, however, you may need additional space for several locking, fire-proof file cabinets and possibly a space for clients to meet with you. When making your list of critical needs, it is important to think about all the ways in which you plan to use the home office.

Okay. Now go and make you list. I’ll send more tips next week. Have a great week.

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