Monday, September 21, 2009

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Lighting and Atmosphere is an aspect of offices I don’t really think about that much. But where set up your desk can make a big impact on your productivity as well as your work attitude. Think about restarants. If I go in to a bright restaurant with big windows and comfortable chairs, I feel more welcome. I want to stay and enjoy my dining. But when I go into a fast food joint with hard plastic sticky bench seating all I want to do is grab a bite and run, except of course when my kids were little and mesmerized by the maze of neon slides and ball pit.

Studies actually document the effect lack of light has on people. Parts of the country that have more dark months have higher percentages of depressed people. SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder is depression because of seasonal darkness. Make sure you have some great light on your desk so you don’t get depressed while working long hours.

You will stay at your work longer and enjoy it more when you have a place that is comfortable, warm and bright. Here’s more from’s article on setting up a home office:

Brighten Your Home Office with Proper Lighting

When possible, choose a space for your office that allows plenty of natural light. This provides a good foundation for a bright working space that can then be enhanced with more direct lighting. If your office lets in little or no outside lighting, the access lighting becomes even more important. Start by providing general, overhead lights that fill most of the work area. Next, consider adding task lighting, or desk lamps and floor lamps that can give concentrated lighting to your specific work area. Finally, regardless of the type of lighting available, make sure that your computer screen is positioned so that it prevents a glare from occurring. The object is to create balanced lighting that minimizes eyestrain.

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