Monday, September 28, 2009

My Opinion

Seriously what do I think about the world today?

I’m concerned about the amount of debt our government has accrued but I’m not worried.

I don't worry about it. Worry doesn't accomplish anything but sleepless nights. God is in control. Be faithful, not fearful. Take action, go for a walk, get about 12 hugs a day and treat people right.

The people I hang with are small business people who work hard everyday. They don’t expect, count on or would even accept a handout. They feel accomplished and good about themselves because they truly earn the money they make. I have always hated the jobs I had where I wasn’t busy. I get bored easy. I don’t really understand those who try to get by without doing anything at work except collecting a paycheck.

Get up every day and do something you’re passionate about. Think about your future as if your allowing your imagination to go wild. Set some goals and write them down. Do something everyday to reach those goals.

Then set some more. Get after it. Everyone has the same God given right to success. You get to choose what you do everyday. Read some new books. I have been reading the Rich dad Poor dad books. They are amazingly simple to read and understand.

Do your best then give yourself some rest and play. I went kayaking again last night across the lake. It was about 6pm when we got there and we left at 9. I am amazed how each sunrise and each sunset is completely different and they all have their own unique beauty and emotional experience.

Sunsets and sunrises are daily gifts from God. Everything good is a gift from God. The more you're grateful for - the more you will have to be grateful for.

Everything will be fine.

Moving Forward,


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