Friday, December 2, 2016

Big On Personality

We are each born with a God given personality.  All personalities have good qualities as well as challenging attributes.  Often we wish we were born with a little less of what we have and a little more or what someone has.  But letting those comparisons roll around in your head too much and you live your life wishing you were someone else.  That is just not productive.  Appreciate and understand who you are, how you were made and what motivates you best.  Recognize those things in your spouse and children if you have them and you will better able to understand and communicate with them.

In the next few blogs I will discuss the four main personality styles, their blends and what motivates each type.  I will also discuss how each controls a situation.

The best team is a blend of all personalities.  Each personality views situations with different lenses.  So when your team has all the personalities you will get a broader perspective and make decisions based on a greater variety of input.

The four main personalities are named differently in various assessments but I like to use "P" words because those are just easier for me to understand.

The four personalities are Popular, Power, Perfect and Peace. 

Your clients will of course fit into these personality categories.  By understanding the personality you will be able to communicate more effectively to them. 

I do not like stereotyping.  That is not what I intend to do in describing personality styles.  The characteristics are generalities.  We are all unique but most of us  roughly function within a blend of two main personality styles.

I will discuss these blends in next weeks blogs.

Enjoy your weekend.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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