Wednesday, December 7, 2016


There are four main personality styles:  Power, Popular, Peaceful and Perfect.  Of the four personalities types, half are extroverts.  The two personalities that process out loud and can sometimes be rather loud are the "Popular" and the Power".  I am a blend of those two personalities.  I can be like a bull in a china shop. 

The "popular" is motivated by fun and controls with their charm.  They are very charming and will talk others into doing what they want so they don't miss out on all the fun...and who would want to miss the fun?  They are the life of the party, love to have a laugh and will stick with a project so long as it is fun.  When the fun wears of,f the popular personality is ready to quit.  They are very talkative, charming and likable.  But they can wear you out with their words and get bored with details.  The popular person needs affirmation that they are doing well.  They make great salespeople because every body loves a comedian but they are challenged with getting all the blanks in the sales contract filled in.

The "power" personality is large and in charge.  They walk in room take control and keep control.  They are born leaders.  They don't even ask for the position, they just have a commanding presence that everyone understands.  The power person is motivated by control and they controls with intimidation or a threat of anger.  They might not ever get angry, you just feel like if you don't go along with what they want, they won't be happy with you.  They are happy to take agreeable people with them in their pursuits but if people get in their way they don't mind running over the people.  Pleasing people is not their motivation, keeping the control is what they need.   The power personality is very forward charging.  They power through to the end, staying ahead of the crowd.  Two power people can but heads often trying to gain control. 

The popular needs some fun in their day and will turn mundane tasks into a game.  If you have a fun motivated client don't make your conversations all serious but add a joke in now and then.  Be interested in them.

The power needs control in order to feel they are at peace.  They are very confidant so undermining their authority is dangerous.  When working with a power motivated person let them drive the conversation as much as possible.  Give them control and watch them go.  Ask how they think this business deal should play out. 

By understanding personalities we gain a greater insight into what motivates our clients.  We can better address their needs based on how they function.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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