Friday, December 9, 2016


As discussed in a previous blog post, the four main personalities are power, popular, peace and perfect.  The introverts of the personalities are the peace and perfect.   They process inwardly; they don't always let you know what they are thinking.  They may be quiet for a long time about an issue before they speak out.  They are very different in their approach to life as compared to the power and popular outgoing types.

The peace personality is the best friend of all the personalities.  They are motivated by peace and control with their procrastination.  They are adaptable.  They don't like to make waves so they will avoid personal conflicts.  Yet they are good at helping others work through their differences because they just want the conflict solved so everyone can relax.  They are easy going, sometimes thought to be lazy.  They aren't demanding. They aren't super motivated.  They are great at finding short cuts.  They are excellent listeners and empathizers.  The peace personality can be pushed to a point.  They do have a steel rod that after they've been pushed and pushed they won't take it anymore.  

The perfect personality is your consumer reports personality.  They are great, in-depth researchers.  They are excellent decision makers; it just takes them along time to make a decision because they will need to research it thoroughly.  They can get bogged down in the paralysis of analysis.  They are motivated by order and they control with their rightness.  If you disagree with their conclusion they will tell you why you are wrong because they have done the research.  The perfect personality leans towards depression perhaps more than any other personality because they have such high standards.  They can’t reach their standards and other people could care less about their standards.  They are idealistic.

To work with a peace or perfect personality you need to have patience.  They need time to get motivated or do the research before making a decision.  Take a more laid back approach in doing business with the peace person.  Give the perfect plenty of data to research.

The best way to make customers for life is to get to know them.  Work within their style as much as possible so they are comfortable doing business with you.  It can be challenging but the more you understand the better you will be received.

Moving forward,

Jeff Roach

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