Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Living the Dream

Today's post is by one of the guest speakers at Brooke Training's Freight Broker School. Enjoy inspiration from one who became a success in our land of opportunity.

By Krish Dhanam,

Everytime I get a chance to speak for the participants at the Brooke Training course or anyone else for that matter, I have to pinch myself and question the reality. Two decades ago when I came to great and glorious land, I remember kissing the ground in New York like many immigrants before me. Scared and nervous about the chance I had taken and the choice I had made I now realized that it was time to get to work. With a bank account that boasted a whole nine dollars and a bride whose love and promise as the only foundation, I decided to give my all to the country that had given me solace. Today I am reminded all too often about the opportunities of this bastion of freedom we call America.

As you run your errands today and set your goals for tomorrow think about what you can give before asking about what you can get. The American Dream will be a nightmare if you keep hitting the snooze button and falling back into a slumber. Today get up and get going and you will go up and get more to give. Dream with your eyes open and you will bypass vanity on the highways of life and embrace opportunity at every turn. Invest in a new skill and embolden your will and you will be okay. The goal of the dream is not to wake up and smile that you were able to dream. The final victory is in living the dream out to its fullest and finishing well. A race run as a participant is different from one looked at as a finisher.

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